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H o w   w i l l   y o u   s u r v i v e ?

Alien: Isolation is a first-person survival/horror/stealth video game for current and next-gen systems by British studio The Creative Assembly. The game follows Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley, as she tries to locate her mother following the mysterious disappearance of the Nostromo. Her search leads her to the decommissioned space station Sevastopol, where she encounters a deadly Alien.

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What girls look for in guys

  • brown eyes
  • messy hair
  • cute nose
  • 4 paws
  • golden retriever 

but a man looking for a certain thing in girls? misogyny right? guys can’t be like “I look for girls who wear glasses and are thin and like to talk” nope that’s misogyny and it’s horrible. “equality”

oh my god did you even bother reading the post -______-

"not ALL dogs"


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